Thursday, June 29, 2006

Her Write-Up of the Assignment

She was SUCH a good girl! She completed all her tasks and here is a write-up of her experience. :)

The anticipation,
The want,
The need.
These have alluded me longer than I care to admit.

The satisfaction,
The pleasure,
The fulfillment.
These you have given.

The assignment excited me. I read it over and over, committing it to memory, playing it out in my mind. Knowing days in advance was torture as it consumed my thoughts. I knew the plans prior, but now I knew what to expect and that only strengthened my want. I wanted the pleasure and I wanted to please. I wanted to give you your every desire and enjoy it as my own.

Monday was incredible, as usual. I saw you, played with you, had you, ending with a wonderful gift of your cum on my ass. Oh how I love that hot cream! Its such a reward for me. I left, knowing my instructions, your sweet words and kisses lingering in my head. We chatted flirtatiously, as it seems the only way we can communicate, in the evening. I went to bed, alone as usual, and completed my assignment. I rubbed my clit first through panties, getting them wet, then sliding my hand inside. I thought in detail of our afternoon meeting, the heat, the positions, your wonderful thick cock and the mind-blowing orgasms I'd been given from it. I was careful to stop just in time to not cum, as you instructed. Objective achieved: Want with denial.

Tuesday was torture. I woke so incredibly horny, wanting you, remembering the day before, my tease the night before. I showered, completing my next assignment, touching myself with just my fingers, feeling the wetness almost instantly, stopping before climax. Objective achieved: Desire with restraint.

Seeing you added to torture. Your sexy eyes, and sexy mouth. I wanted to throw you down in the hallway and take you right then. Eventually I came to you, closed your door, half hoping you'd go back on your words and give me your awesome cock, half wanting to continue our game. You changed the assignment then, requiring I masturbate in front of you. Shyly I leaned back on your desk, you pulling my pants down giving you full view of my wanting pussy. With your hand on my thigh and my stomach, I stroked my clit, allowing one finger to push into my wet folds from time to time. I had to stop so many times as I was right on the edge of orgasm – from touch, from knowing you were watching. You seemed pleased and sent me on my way.

Later that night, as requested, we chatted and then I took my vibe into the bathroom and played a little more. And I do mean a little. It seemed only seconds before I realized I could take no more. Objective achieved: Need with frustration. This was the hardest lesson.

Wednesday I stretched, oh did I stretch, knowing what was coming. I barely touched myself in the shower. I went to work , excusing myself at the appropriate time, watching the time for 5 full minutes as I rubbed my clit, stopping countless times. I strictly followed the rest of my instructions until we arrived at our appointed meeting place, desire consuming me. I was quiet. You know that's hard for me, but it so added to the experience, causing me to reflect inward on my building need for you, not allowing me to distract myself with my own words.

With my back to you, you pressed against me, began our afternoon of play. The feel of your breath on my neck, your hands on my body is intoxicating. You congratulated me on my successful assignment, rewarding me with you tongue on my pussy. My legs went weak at your touch, loving your tongue, loving your talented fingers, craving your beautiful hard cock. I finally got into your pants, pushing them and your boxers down, anxious to have you in my mouth. I'd suck you for days if you'd let me. I love the way you feel in my mouth – thick cock, growing, well defined, pulsing head. Mmmmm!

In only minutes you're keeping your promise, throwing me on the bed, pushing that magnificent cock into my oh so hot, wet cunt. FINALLY! I don't know how much time passed. I lose all track when we're together, but in what had to be only minutes, I was exploding all over you. Hot juices, that you claim to love, spilling out all around your cock as you continued to slam into me, my head feeling it would blow right off my body, leaving the first of many wet reminders on the sheets. Objective achieved: Satisfaction and fulfillment.

We spent hours learning the last lesson. Position after position, some repeated many times. You cumming to reward me, me saying I was too tired to go on, then somehow finding more energy to go again. The kisses on my back, up and down, pushing my hair aside and on my neck as well, drove me crazy. I'd have given you anything you wanted right then. Oh wait, I did. Two hard sessions of fast, animal fucking and then you whispered in my ear "I think its time I made love to you." Soft, sensual touches, you climbing on top of me, kissing me deeply as you pushed into me again. Holy fuck! I could have died happy right then. And then two times with me bringing you back with my mouth, then climbing on top of you and fucking you with everything I had. I loved watching you as I worked, seeing your face make the same faces I assume mine make when you're pounding into me, hearing you swear and call out my name. It was more than I could take, finally making me spill my juices onto you again, falling limp to the side.

Oh yes, the lesson was well taught and sufficiently learned. With it came pure exhaustion and lingering soreness, all prices worth paying for an incredible afternoon. All prices I cannot wait to pay again for another experience with the most incredible lover I've ever had.