Monday, July 17, 2006

Cold Hands, Hot strokes

You want me. I want you. We go all day knowing we will meet each other yet we can not reveal ourselves except for knowing smiles when nobody else is looking. This hiding is such torture sometimes but it is necessary and in a way it works to build the excitement. It builds my longing for you. It builds my want of your touch and my need of your passion.

Finally, near the end of the day I know soon we can meet. Closed doors in hidden areas offer their seclusion from sight but we know that people will walk past them nonetheless, so we must be quiet despite our urges to grunt and yell and moan and gasp. Looking around the room in anticipation I am reminded of how it becomes a challenge even to be quiet during our sessions because of the slapping and squishing noises of our lust not to mention the moving of furniture across the floor due to our forcefulness. I prepare for your arrival and wait.

Soon thereafter you walk in and close the door behind you. We embrace and kiss passionately. I savor your lips and nibble on your neck. You have the sexiest neck I've ever known. We brush faces and breathe heavily, wanting each other as our passions rise. When we can stand it no longer, when our heat becomes a furnace, we remove each others' clothes. Quietly, yet with intensity and emotion we touch each others' bodies. Your hands are cold and you whisper an unneeded apology. Despite my initial involuntary reaction of withdrawal from the coldness of your hands, inside, your touch fires me up and fills me with desire.

I push you back against the edge of the table and I continue kissing your body, working my way down from your neck to your bountiful breasts. I love circling your nipples with my tongue, flicking them ever so slightly as to arouse you and watch them stiffen to my touch. I kiss the undersides of your beautiful mounds and engulf them with my mouth and a passion like no other. You sigh and moan in ecstasy as I play with them, working you to a frenzy. As I do this one of my hands has made its way down to your ultimate pleasure zone. I work you with my magical fingers to drive you wild with want. I know you are getting wet enough when I can smell the sweet juices of your lovebox dripping down my fingers and I want to taste you. I move down, kissing my way across your stomach, and dive in with my tongue. I suck on your lips, I circle your clit, and I work you well so I can taste you completely when you cum.

You can't take it anymore. You pull me up and plant a hot kiss on my lips, tasting your own juices on me. I know you like this. I know it drives you wild. And you whisper to me that it is your turn. You work your way down my torso to my pants. You pull them down to reveal my stiffened rod bouncing out at you. It is an understatement to say you've aroused me. But I'm not completely hard yet. You lick up and down my shaft and around my head, teasing me until you take me into your steamy mouth and work me hard. I solidify to my fullest as you do, as you're turning me on to the point where I can only moan guttural sounds. I try to withold my noise, mindful of the thin doors and the people outside but it is difficult.

I know orally pleasing me turns you on. I can see it in your eyes when you look up at me. I can see your desire. I match it with my own. I pull you up and kiss you, pushing you back again on the edge of that table. You want me as badly now as I want you and you spread your legs for me, revealing your sopping wet pussy, ready to be plowed by my now throbbing cock. I run my head up and down your slit, teasing your entrance. You whisper, "Fuck me now... please,... fuck me now!" And I oblige. I push slightly in, slowly invading, making every second count as I force myself into that tight little cunt, parting your walls with my head as I go,.. and then I plunge in the rest of the way, causing you to moan aloud. You cover your mouth with your hand, knowing you're already too loud and cautious not to reveal our location.

I work you good, first slow then fast, from one side at an angle then from the other. We change positions a few times and each time I somehow get you to cum. I love the way your juices run down my pole and drip from my balls, running down my legs as I pound you mercilessly. I am near orgasm several times but due to my breathing and exercises I can hold off until you've cum at least three times. It makes me feel so incredibly good to know I can please you. Your eyes roll and you shudder and convulse. Your muscles tighten around my cock and finally I can cum for you to return the favor. When I'm with you though, I don't just cum. You make me explode. You turn me on so completely that I can't help it.

We clean each other up and we kiss and gaze into each others' eyes. Although no words are necessary and more importantly, none can describe our sessions, as they're so passionate as to escape mere words, we still converse. I enjoy conversations with you, whether there is sex involved or not. You are clever and witty and you make me laugh. You make me smile so effortlessly. Your flirtations easily drive me wild. Your words definitely entertain and taunt me, yet even just the sight of you makes my eyes light up with desire. But after sessions like this, no matter what is said, how could I not enjoy anything that comes out of your mouth. You are incredible and amazing. I want you again. I need you again. Take me.