Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

25 Sexual Things About Me

I'm tired because I just got back from a short Memorial Weekend excursion. I drove up to North Carolina and did some short hiking in the Smoky Mountains. I also gambled away some cash at the Harrah's in Cherokee. Fun. Fun. But now because I just got home not long ago, I'm tired and my brain isn't working too well. For this reason I am taking the challenge offered by Devil in Sexy Blue Dress and revealing 25 sexual things about myself.

1 - I love necks. A woman's neck and neckline really turn me on. I love to kiss necks, suck on necks, lightly bite necks. Necks definitely do it for me. Want a man hot and ready willing to please? Wear your hair up, ladies!

2 - I once had sex for nine hours straight. We both walked funny the next day. No, I don't think I could repeat that performance now, but then again, I don't think I want to. Four or five hours with a snack and a drink and a rest break or two somewhere in there would be nice though. ;)

3 - Blowjobs are great but they don't really get me off. I have only ever cum two times due to a blowjob and one of those lasted over an hour. It made her jaw sore and rubbed me a bit raw too. They're great for getting things started or even restarted, but they don't ever finish me off.

4 - I think about sex very, very, very often. I see a woman with nice breasts or a nice ass walk by and my brain goes ballistic thinking of how I'd like to suck on those or be spanking that. I know, I'm a man, but I truly don't think all men think the way I do. Some, sure. Any who read blogs like this, most likely. But all men? Definitely not.

5 - I lost my virginity after I was out of High School and was in technical school. Her mom took classes with me and that's how I met her. I had gone to her mom's house (they lived together) to play dominoes one night. It got late, the mom went to bed, leaving her and I to "talk" on the couch. We got hot and were petting each other pretty heavily when she suggested we go outside to cool off. It was early March, in a suburban city subdivision, at about 2 am. (Don't laugh - it was a damn good car) My 1978 Chevrolet Impala 4-door with vinyl seats was parked in her mom's driveway. Before long she was lying on her back in my backseat with me standing yet leaning over her, back door open, my pants around my ankles, pumping away. Not long afterwards, headlights came from down the street behind me. I ignored them. The car slowed down and turned into her neighbor's driveway, their lights flashing across my very white ass as they pulled in. I ignored them and kept on pumping, both of us somewhat giggling, yet neither of us wanting to stop. THREE car doors slammed. Then I heard the voice of a very young boy say, "What are they doing, mommy?" The mother answered, "You nevermind them, let's go in, its past your bedtime." What the hell was a young boy doing out at 2 AM ?!? I sent them a Christmas card that read, "Sorry about my very white ass in your headlights. Happy Holidays. Sincerely, your neighbor's boyfriend."

6 - Stop laughing about number 5, damnit. I mean it. Yes, it is true. I know it was funny, but still. Okay, seriously, here's number 6: I enjoy spanking a woman a bit while I'm pounding her doggy-style. I like seeing a red handprint.

7 - My ex-wife named a certain sexual position I use "The Ovary-Shattering, Earth-shaking, Fuck Thing." It is a simple position really. I guess she just liked the way I did it. Here it is: Woman in missionary (butt on pillows helps), me kneeling yet lowering my ass as low as I can, then using my legs, I thrust upwards extremely rapidly and hard as hell. I think because of the lowered beginning of each thrust, it hits in a good spot inside. See? Told you it wasn't anything special.

8 - I like being romantic 'sometimes.' Cooking supper for the woman, eating by candlelight, blindfolding her, tieing her up with black silk, teasing her using fruit, etc. I like all sorts of things like that.

9 - I once had sex standing up against the top floow of a hotel's wall window. The entire back wall of the hotel room is one big window. At night the lights were really spectacular even though the window was cold.

10 - I once had sex inside a walk-in freezer/cooler where they store the drinks in a convenience store - during operation hours. Yes, despite the cold, it actually functioned, and quite well. ;)

11 - I love kissing a woman's breasts and sucking on a woman's nipples, occasionally biting on them ever so gently. Not enough to leave a bruise, yet hard enough for her to experience a pleasurable pain sensation.

12 - I lived with two women for almost two years. Both of them were my sex partners. It was an extremely comfortable, loving, and caring environment. They were not bisexual. Yes, I had my work cut out for me. It was amazing. Yes, I'd happily do it again. :)

13 - I once had sex while I was broadcasting over the radio as a DJ. It was very difficult to say what I had to say and not reveal through heavy breathing and a shaky voice what was going on.

14 - If Julianne Moore showed up on my doorstep offering herself, I'd find a way to go 9 hours again.

15 - I sometimes get an 'erroneous' erection. I used to get them very often. Once while I was still in college, I got one as I was sitting in the busy student lounge (for no reason). I was wearing boxers that day and I knew if I stood up I'd be seen. I sat there for hours and missed some classes waiting for it to go away.

16 - I had a boss sexually touch me a few times. I was young. She was incredibly hot, but I was naive and too young still to know I could have either done something about it or gotten with her. If I knew what I do now, I'd probably have taken advantage of her propositioning and had some good sex. I was working up a sweat in the back stockroom. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me, carressing my chest and grabbing my crotch. She massaged my cock as she whispered in my ear that she needed some work done at her house while her husband was out of town on business. Yes, I was way too naive and innocent. Don't pick on me for passing up the opportunity. It was intimidating back then. :P

17 - Eyes are windows into the soul as well as the sex drive. I have a knack for looking people in the eye and figuring out what kind of person they are. I can tell when people are good at their core. I can also tell when someone is going to be great or horrible in the sack. No, I haven't tested this scientifically, but it seems to have been true so far. I also often dream things that come true, but that's for a different post.

18 - My balls are ticklish. I can stand "some" playing with my balls (fingers are usually okay), but during a blowjob I don't like the tongue-to-ball action, as it is too ticklish and a turn-off.

19 - I can have multiple orgasms in one sex session without ejaculation. I have learned to somewhat control them, pacing my breathing and my strokes during critical moments, in order to sustain a longer lovemaking session.

20 - I love it when a woman cums on me during sex. When her hot juices run down my shaft and down my legs, I love it. It really turns me on.

21 - My nipples are a little bit ticklish too. I know, between ticklish balls and nipples I sound like I'm no fun, right? Fingers and hands are okay on my nipples. I really DO enjoy a woman's hands grasping, grabbing, and carressing, my chest. But a tongue on them drives me to giggle like a schoolgirl. This is NOT a good thing if you are expecting to get fucked. Stick to hand action on them and leave the tongue out of it, and you're fine.

22 - I like to eat pussy and I have a theory about it. Of course it all depends on the woman though. All women are different. Each woman has her own smell and taste. Strangely enough I firmly believe that blonde women, redheads, and brunettes all fall into those 3 respective categories in both the smell and taste departments, each woman varying individually, yet falling within those general categorizations. (i.e. All blonde women taste somewhat alike, yet each woman is different. All redheads taste somewhat alike yet each is different, the same goes for brunettes.) Asians appropriately fall into the brunette range of taste and smell. I have no experience with black women yet. So, what do you think of my theory? Any pussy eaters out there that want to think about this and let me know?

23 - I used to be a slut. My first, yes, the one in the car with the headlights,.. was a nymphomaniac. Seriously. We did it 7 times a day on average, for at least an hour each time. I calmed down a lot when I married wife #1. When I got divorced however, I was a real slut. Thank goodness I came out of that experience alive and with a clean bill of health. Even though I used protection, it is good to know you're safe. I'm no longer a slut, but then again, isn't slutdom in the eye of the beholder?

24 - I like to talk dirty a little bit during sex.

25 - I hardly ever get off when I'm on bottom. Sometimes I can, but usually I have to be in either the missionary position, or doggy-style. I like to alternate positions too, to maintain the excitement, but if I often am the one on bottom, sex is going to last a long time. Yay for knowing my body! ;)

Well, that was relatively painless. Now you know 25 sexual things about me.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Soft Silent Comfort

Such is life. There are soft silent comforts as well as other 'less quiet' times. Don't we need both as humans? I think so.

I haven't seen you in years. I call you to meet. You're amazed that I'm actually coming to town. We're both giddy with excitement and anticipation. I pick you up in the evening and we go to a park.

The sky is blue, the sun still out although falling, and the weather is nice, offering a slight breeze that sifts through the trees, emitting a gentle white noise that comforts us as if it were blanketing a baby during sleep.

We hug. We hold hands. We hug some more. We kiss. I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe you're standing here with me. We watch the ducks. I kiss your neck. Peace. Ducks come up to us but we have no bread, only smiles. Tranquility.

We talk about what all we've missed in each others' lives. Who is she? What is she like? Who is he? What is he like? How was school? How is work? I missed you. Deeply. We kiss passionately. We hug. We beam. Silence. I am amazed that after all these years I can still have a comfortable silence with you. I know by looking into your eyes you have the same thought running through that beautiful brain. Your brain is sexy to me. I've always told you that. Your body is icing on the cake. I take you into my arms and hold you tight. Peace, in my heart.

Our conversation begins again. We talk more about him. We talk more about her. You now understand why I'm here. Why are you here? Now I understand. I'm glad that out of millions of people in this world, I met you that one fateful day when my normal seat was taken. Thank you stranger, for taking my seat. I had no idea then that a simple happening like that could lead me to a lifelong friendship with such an amazing woman. A woman that reciprocates a silent comfort.

I kiss your neck and pull you close. You kiss me passionately and deeply, exploring my mouth and my mind with your tongue. I reciprocate now. You notice that I'm proverbially "happy" to see you and you comment on our last meeting. You tell me you enjoyed it but that you were inexperienced compared to now. I tell you I'm much better now as well. I ask if he pleases you. I'm amazed at the answer. Why are you with him? I know life isn't JUST about sex. But damn good sex can make life a lot easier to survive. We touch each other. We kiss more. We hug. Familiarity. Comfort.

By now the sun has set into darkness. The sound of bagpipes echoes across the water and after the music is over, fireworks are in the air. Great park, thank you for hosting our two person party. We enjoyed the time, but now I must return you home. Tight warm hugs. You always have a place in my heart. I hope to see you again soon. Peace.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An Office Fantasy

You come to my office, and walk in, closing the door behind you. You're stunning.Whenever you wear purple you turn me on because itlooks so damn good on you. We embrace and talk for awhile. We have a few laughs and a few smiles and youstand up to leave. We meet beside my desk for a hug.While we're hugging, you notice that I've gotten a bitswollen in my pants. You plant those supple lips on mine, offering a delicious tongue, and I happily oblige. I caress your cheek, then grasp the back of your neck, pulling you hard into the kiss. I work myhands over your body and play with your breasts,loving the fact that you gasp when I do. By now you're massaging my cock through my pants, so I pull my handup into your crotch to return the favor. You're hot. You're wet. There's no way I can leave you like this and let you go to work unsatisfied.

I lower to your chest, letting you pull your shirt up and your bra down, to allow me access with my mouthand tongue. I gently kiss each breast first, makingsure to pay special attention to the undersides. Igive soft, short kisses, with just a bit of tongue in each before I close my lips with each one. I swirl mytongue around your breast, circling the nipple as youmoan. You lean back on my desk as if your legs can'tsupport you. I engulf your breast, sucking it in, flicking your nipple with my tongue and carefullynipping on them with my teeth, cautious not to leavebite marks.

Confident that you're now sopping wet due to myfingers playing with your pussy this entire time, I move down to my knees to taste you. You're sweet. You're tasty. I explore your with my tongue andfingers. I eat that perfect shaved beautiful pussy asyou lean far back on my desk in ecstasy. I slowly work my finger into you as I still tease your clit with mytongue. Your juices are really flowing now and yourbreathing is quite eratic. I finger you faster, usingmy thumb now instead, pulling up on the inside because I can tell by your sounds it has an effect - and agood one at that. I continue fingering as I tease yourclit with my tongue intermittently, and you startcumming. Your soft white and clear juices are pouring out. It turns me on. I feel my cock swelling again.I come up for air and you lay a good kiss on me,tasting your own juices on my lips. I can tell youwant to return the favor, as your hand has now undone my pants and is massaging my pulsing dick. I kiss yourneck and you breathe heavily on mine. You tongue my ear and whisper to me about it being your turn.

You drop to your knees, your hands grasping my chest as you descend.You run your tongue along my shaft as you pull myboxers down further to allow access. Your tongue ishot and feels amazing. You play with the tip and thenslowly take me into your mouth. I can feel the roof of your mouth and your tongue as you compress me,sucking a bit, while starting to move back and forth.I love the fact that you like sucking my cock. Itfeels damn good to know such a beautiful woman likes the way I feel in her mouth, and is proud of the finejob she does when she goes down on a man - on me. Youplunge to my base,.. I can feel your throat tightenaround my head and I moan and irresistably grunt at the erotic sensation. It is your turn to come up for air. We kiss and youtell me that I've GOT to fuck you right now.

You lean far back on my desk and spread your legs. I grab my dick and pull it up and down across your lips and clit, teasing you, and getting it warm for entry. Iforce my head in and you moan. I slowly push forwardand you lie back on my desk and let a "Oh, God"escape. You realize it and cover your mouth with your hand, knowing that we're in my office during workhours. I start moving back and forth and you tilt yourhead up, whispering, "Yes, oh,.. Yes." You put yourhead back down and as my thrusts get harder and longer, you grab on to my desk with your hands,grasping the edge to hold on and as if the graspinghelps you remain silent. I pound you.

I lift your legs up and hold them together, pulling your ass offthe edge of my desk, driving into you hard and fast. You cum again. I love how wet our fucking makes you. I place one ofyour feet on my chair and the other on the wall behindme. We fuck for a long time in this position. I drive in at an angle sometimes. Othertimes I go straightin, pounding you, jamming my cock into that tight,hot, wet, pink, beautiful pussy. I pinch your nipplesnow that my hands are free and fuck you hard as you start moaning and whispering "yes, oh yes,.. yes,..right there.. just like that,... yes,..." I feel youconvulsing inside and your pussy tightens down. You clamp down on my now steel-hard cock and you cum again. My legs are shaking by now. It has been about an hour. I tell you I'm getting tired so you stand up and walkaround my desk, grabbing your panties to put them back on.

I tell you that you're not done yet. I kiss you and push you back down on my desk, on the side of mydesk this time, but again on your back. I force my wayinto you again, this time with more conviction anddrive. I pound you damn hard. I am fucking you fast and hard, with long strokes. I can feel my head hitthe tip of your cervix every now and then. Your little cunt is convulsing as my cock rams intoyour full-force over and over. You cum hard, yourwhole body shaking. I love it when your pussy closes up tight when you cum. (It is making me hard againright now just thinking about it.) You quiver allover and your pussy is really convulsing now. Yourjuice is hot, and there's a lot of it. Your cum starts running out, down my shaft, down my balls, and down the inside of my leg. Oh God that turns me on. My dick instantly gets even harder and I pound you so hard my sturdy desk is creaking but I don't care at this point. I want to fill you with rock-hard cock.

You are moaning heavily and doing all you can,covering your mouth with one hand, from screaming out.I can tell I'm hitting in a good place because youreyes are rolling back in your head and you'rerestraining from making noises I KNOW you want to make. This is one hell of a good fucking position. After a while my legs tire again, as they start shaking from standing slightly on my toes.

I pull out and I think about ordering a shorter desk and taking measurements to be sure it is the correct height forfucking you better. My legs are really weak now andI'm finally getting a bit soft even though I'm hardenough to screw more. You are breathing heavily and you tell me how good that was.

I tell you that you're not done yet, as Ikiss you then push you down to your knees. You obeywell and suck my dick back to full erection. Yourmouth is really hot and it makes me hornier than ever. I pull you back up from your knees, kiss you, turn youaround, and push you, bending you over, face down onmy desk. I ram my cock into you and ignore yourwhimper. I smile as I start pounding you hard again. I hear you gasping and whispering "oh yes". You saymy name and I know I'm doing something right. You feel damn good inside. My hands run over your back, then I grab your hips, pulling you into me, as I thrust my now throbbing dick into you first slow, then fast andhard. After a while my legs get tired again and I am shaking. I'm finally getting tired enough to stop. You just lie there on my desk a few minutes, your legs quivering too. I'm happy I'm not the only one tired.

You get up and we both clean up and get dressed. I light a candle and turn on the fan to try andeliminate the smell of sex from my office. We sit down across my desk from each other and we give each otherlooks of much needed satisfaction. I look in your eyesand know this session is one of many more to come. Weboth have to go do some work, but I wonder when our next meeting will be, and will it be as good as thisone. I sure hope so. Now I have a pleasant thought tokeep me company throughout the workday. :)

Apocalyptic Behavior

Rampant rivers, pebble beds,
forest trees, green, are dead.
Mother Nature, shot in the head.
All our world soon will die.
All our world soon will die.

Cars on freeways, move along.
Senseless words in meaningless songs.
Nuclear testing, atom bombs,
puncture the ozone in the sky.
All our world soon will die.
All our world soon will die.

This Amusement Called Life

Fucked-up delusions of me on a bike,
riding through this amusement called life.

Where will it end,
with death or beyond?
Only the wind knows,
and tomorrow is gone.

Today we need the answers
for life, love, and sex.
Tomorrow we die,
with eight minutes left.

All the papers graded,
the answers are in.
Now it's too late though,
we died with our sins.

Snow Goddess

she rose like a snowflake,
upon the wintry scape,...
her neck exposed,..
melting snow on her nape.

she of brilliance and fury divine,..
was a snow queen of white,
and she would be mine

her lips ruby and glowing,..
in all the winter vale..
her hair golden and flowing,..
softer than the shoreman's sail.

she spoke but a whisper..
and into the wind..
You put warmth in mine heart,
with your love do send..

Sole Mates

What the fuck is this shit?
Why do I even care?
What is it doing on my shoe?
How did it get there?

I stomped on her heart,
and got it on my sole (soul).
I guess that'll teach her,
not to cum on my pole.

All she wanted was sex from me.
She didn't even care.
How did I get into this mess?
It isn't really fair.

I left her and she came back.
She said she couldn't cope.
I reminded her all she wanted was sex.
She said she needed hope.

Hope that a man could love,
and be a great lay too.
I told the whore to take a hike,
as I scraped her heart from my shoe.


To the Madness. Yay for my first post.
More to come soon!